Businesses today have a greater demand for real-time data analytics. SaaS accounting platforms enables businesses to analyse data for financial reporting and forecasting performance. With many businesses still relying on spreadsheets, there is a growing market for SaaS accounting software.

HD Net Ltd will be developing and marketing its version of SaaS accounting software, Robotic Accounting, in 2019 Q1 using funds raised from this ICO.

This is a SaaS business product with cloud-based recurring billing/accounting/inventory platform. It is intended to provide highly automated online services to businesses that require extensive customer and service relationship control for an online business.

The platform will offer the following features including:

  • Online subscription business with industry-specific integration, CRM features and accounting reporting
  • White label customer self-management portal
  • Granular admin/staff/customer access permissions
  • SKU and stock control and management
  • Bank/Credit Card/online payment integration
  • Financial reporting - historical audits and trend forecasting
  • Customer support ticketing integration
  • Business rule enforcement
  • Customer contact featureset (targeted mass mail platform) with built-in engagement tracking and opt-in/opt-out self-management
  • Time stamping and archiving functions through integration on the Blockchain in the second phase of development.

(Robotic Accounting is a brand owned by HD Net Ltd.)