Cryptocurrency and digital asset trading exchanges are key components of a rapidly growing market. A number of such platforms are in operation but many lack the technical and social framework to meet the demands of users.

ICOEx Ltd is committed to building a trusted blockchain-based digital asset exchange that will also serve as an ICO incubator. Our objective is to develop an ecosystem around trading in fiat and crypto tokens which we plan to launch in 2018 Q2 with the funds raised from this ICO.

This platform will also offer turnkey solutions to run and manage ICOs for businesses (that qualify our criteria) in the Asia Pacific region. It will help businesses enter the fast-growing ICO market and launch their digital tokens. ICOEx will provide low cost and efficient processes for both investors and businesses.

As an ICO incubator, ICOEx will provide the following services:

  • Develop legally compliant models
  • Customise smart contracts with quick implementation
  • Customise marketing strategies to reach the digital asset trading community
  • Provide secure and scalable technical solutions
  • Easy token sales portal and management system
  • Listing on ICOEx Exchange.

ICOEx will also be a digital asset trading platform. Customers can purchase or sell digital tokens here. They can also exchange, deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies of their choice.

For traders, ICOEx will provide the following services:

  • Secure trading platform with industry standard hot/cold wallet reserve ratios
  • Quick deposit and withdrawals
  • Responsive customer support
  • Portfolio statistics

(The ICOEx brand is a registered trademark of ICOEx Ltd.)