HD Cloud

With the widespread demand for digital transformation and deployment, more businesses are looking for cloud and security expertise. Many businesses today use data-intensive applications and, hence, the market for storage, collaboration and information management tools is growing. The New Zealand data centre services market is expected to reach NZ $272 million by 2020 driven by high growth in data traffic.

According to Data Centre Research, this market is booming with 29 large datacentres in New Zealand with new entrants entering daily.

HD Cloud will be launched in 2018 Q4 and be part of this competitive market. It will provide cloud services to businesses that need a scalable and high performance server infrastructure. It will use OpenStack platform and offer the lowest price in terms of cloud resources per unit.

The unique features of this business are:

  • OpenStack-based Cloud Infrastructure as a service company
  • Leverages HD Net’s datacentre and network to provide a standards-based platform with similar functionalities as Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure.

(HD Cloud is a brand owned by HD Net Ltd.)

HD Cloud was acknowledged by Statistics New Zealand. Excerpt from stats.gov.nz:

  • “HD Cloud is also another service which will be brought to the New Zealand public to compete against the likes of offshore data stores like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. This offering will be hosted locally giving users the ability to have consistent, faster and local data storage options using similar scalable technology they have become accustomed to.”