A unique crypto-equity opportunity

ICO exchange, accounting SaaS, datacentre, ISP

& more businesses in one ICO offer

A unique crypto-equity opportunity ICO exchange, accounting SaaS, datacentre, ISP & more businesses in one ICO offer

A unique crypto-equity opportunity ICO exchange, accounting SaaS, datacentre, ISP & more businesses in one ICO offer

Be part of an innovative tech business, trading for 11 years, with tokens backed by HD Group assets.


100% Bonus

HDC Token Sale

Total HDC tokens : 1,000,000,000
HDCoin will be issued as ERC-20 compatible tokens

We Accept and

Contributions so far

??? HDC Tokens Sold


+100% bonus
CAP: 500 million HDC
Begins: 20th March 2018

Phase 2

+33% bonus
CAP: 250 million HDC

Phase 3

CAP: 250 million HDC

Phase 3

CAP: 250 million HDC

Phase 2

+33% bonus
CAP: 250 million HDC


+100% bonus
CAP: 500 million HDC
Begins: 20th March 2018

Why HDCoin ?

HD Group, one of New Zealand’s leading privately owned technology and communication service providers, is launching HDCoin to raise funds for its business endeavours. The company has had an impressive year-on-year revenue growth. This is an opportunity to invest in an established business with real assets.

Growing Business
HD Group has grown from a startup to a successful company in the last decade. We have a steady plan for growth in the next four years. Among other projects, we will be launching an ICO Exchange and a SaaS accounting platform.
We are building an ecosystem around crypto trading and blockchain technology. We will also offer turnkey services for launching ICOs. Additionally, funds raised from this ICO will be used to expand our existing businesses and marketing activities.
Token-Share Benefits
This ICO is based on a minority shareholding in HD Group. HD Coin Ltd will hold a 10% shareholding in HD Group and will issue 1 billion HDCoin as representative of the shareholding. HDCoin holders therefore, will be beneficiaries of this shareholding and entitled to the dividends flowing to the shareholders.
Unique buy-back & burn
When profits are declared by the HD Group, net of tax dividends will be used to buy back and burnt HDCoin using proof of burn function in ERC-20 so they can no longer be traded.
Commercial Property
HD Group owns freehold commercial property in a prominent business district of Auckland. The replacement value of this property including the datacentre fixed assets is estimated to be over NZ $3 million.
No Reserves
HD Coin Ltd will not hold any HDCoin in reserve. The market will own 100% of all issued HDCoin. This means there’s no scope for HD Coin Ltd to manipulate the market.
Transparency is a key aspect of this ICO. The shareholding of all companies involved is public ( HD Net Ltd | Unlimited Internet Ltd | ICOEx Ltd). HD Coin Ltd as a shareholder in the HD Group will be entitled to and will receive all financial information relating to the group and they will publish regular blog updates for HDCoin holders.
Based in New Zealand
HD Group is based in New Zealand, a country that was ranked #7 on the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index 2017-2018 and #1 on the World Bank’s Ease-of-Business Index in 2017.

Our Brands

A New Zealand success story. Eleven years and counting...

How it Works ?

HDCoin is a cryptocurrency that represents equity in the HD Group. 1 billion HDCoin will represent 10% shareholding in the HD Group. This is also one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, similar to Bitcoin, which ranks first among all cryptocurrencies and allows for efficient trading. You can now find options to use prepaid card for BTC purchase, which is more favourable than any other traditional payment methods.

Each HDCoin token is offered at a price equivalent to US $0.02 at launch. HDCoin purchasers will receive their tokens within 30 days of the payment confirmation and successful completion of the KYC & AML process.

HDCoin holders can trade their tokens on a listed cryptocurrency exchange once the ICO sale is concluded or wait for a buy-back and burn event.

When profits are declared by the HD Group, net of tax dividends will be used to buy back and burn HDCoin using proof of burn function in ERC-20.

How Dividends are paid

HD Coin Ltd will use dividends it receives from the HD Group to buy back HDCoin in the open market. Burning HDCoin implies the burn function is made public and it is possible for anyone with technical knowledge of ERC-20 tokens to validate that the coins have been irrevocably removed from the total supply of HDCoin.
Resources for ERC-20 tokens with a ‘burn’ function:
View Provable Burn: ERC-20 Extension


Read our Whitepaper to know why HDCoin is different from other ICOs.

Our Business Plan indicates our roadmap for growth in the next four years.

Read our Whitepaper to know why HDCoin is different from other ICOs. Our Business Plan indicates our roadmap for growth in the next four years.

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This ICO is not available to citizens, residents (tax or otherwise) or entities in New Zealand, Australia and the Republic of Fiji.

Our Roadmap

In just four short years we expect huge changes in our business. Here is our action plan…​

2018 Q2

ICOEx Launch

HD's ICO incubator and cryptocurrency exchange
2018 Q4

Launch HD Cloud Services

An OpenStack portal that will offer businesses a scalable and high performance server infrastructure.
2019 Q1

Launch Robotic Accounting

A SaaS accounting system with a cloud-based recurring billing/ accounting/inventory platform.
2019 Q3

Hardware Hub Restock

Restock and expand Hardware Hub into new retail markets.
2020 Q4

Expand Unlimited Internet

Acquire competitor ISP and drive subscription base to 10,000+ retail users.
2021 Q1

Enter Mobile

Launch or acquire Mobile Phone Business using the Mobile Virtual Network Operator Agreement.
2021 Q4

Enter Power

Launch or acquire a power company. Offer to bundle internet, mobile, power - all on one invoice.

Use of Funds

We will use the capital raised from this ICO to grow our business. Below is an estimate of the usage of funds.

ICO Cost


Ben Simpson
Co-founder, Director, CEO
Visionary, Business strategist, Innovator. Ben is a self-taught tech expert who built the HD Group from a startup to a successful company. Ben’s professional expertise includes strategy, product development, business analysis, IT operations, digital assets and hardware procurement. His entrepreneurial spirit is now focused on blockchain-based platforms and other fintech solutions.
Daniel Newton
Shareholder/ Director
Blockchain Expert, Head of Development, Entrepreneur. Daniel will lead the development of ICOEx. He has been in IT for over 16 years and has developed a range of software platforms on the blockchain. In 2011, Daniel started BitNZ, New Zealand’s first and longest running crypto currency exchange. He has worked with several startups and established businesses.
Guy Lowe
System and Network Administrator
Systems Networking Expert, Security Analyst, Database Architect. Guy has been a part of the HD Group since 2009 helping build the company into what it is today. He has an active interest in all things operational. He has been a keen follower of Bitcoin and blockchain since early stages. He is also an IT Engineer and maintains HD Net’s network infrastructure.
Brad Cook
Chief Information Officer
Strategist, Security Analyst, Engineer. Brad oversees HD Group’s technology-related strategies and initiatives. He monitors the company’s operational needs and plans the deployment of tech infrastructure. Brad also leads the design and customisation of tech platforms to ensure optimal performance. He has been in the IT sector for over 10 years.
Martin Nduaguba
Business Development Consultant
Generating business opportunities, Account Management, Client Relationship. Martin manages the business development for the HD Group and is responsible for targeted growth of client portfolios. Martin has experience in helping businesses utilise technology and grow their markets. He has a background in E-Commerce and International Management.
George Zhao
Senior Cloud Engineer
Systems Architect, Cloud Engineer, Security Analyst. George has a keen interest in high-end technologies and has been working on the HD Cloud computing team since 2014. He is experienced with different cloud services, system automation, cloud security and technical and business applications of cloud.
Peter Zheng
Senior Software Engineer
Full-stack Developer, Database Architect. Peter enjoys experimenting with new web technologies and is a seasoned crypto analyst. Peter has been commercially involved in PHP web development since 2011. He is currently working on the Robotic Accounting software and ICOEx platform. Peter has a background in Computer Science.
Sheldon Dsouza
UX/UI Designer, Front End Developer, Coder. Sheldon has a strong eye for design and enjoys pushing pixels and lines of code and graphics. He plans, experiments with codes, maintains and upgrades online platforms. He also monitors online traffic and works on SEO. Sheldon has been following crypto markets and has interesting insights into the world of ICOs.
Paromita Mukhopadhyay
Communication and Social Media Coordinator
Digital Marketer, Copywriter, Editor. Paromita has a long history in marketing communication. She has managed communication and social media marketing for several businesses and international organisations. A former journalist, Paromita follows the fintech sector and is a crypto enthusiast.
Ian Massam
Datacentre Manager
Systems Security, Equipment Maintenance, Business Strategy. Ian’s wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in the electronics industry has been invaluable to the HD Group. He runs the HD Net Datacentre and ensures compliance with international standards and systems. He supervises the designing and evaluation of all server systems, identifies issues and implements timely resolutions.
Sam Szeto
Service Delivery Manager
Fibre Provisioning, Account Auditing, Credit Control. Sam deals with the day to day management of relationships with service partners. He monitors delivery processes and evaluates customer feedback to develop uniform procedures for quality improvement. He also reviews and audits processes to ensure quality of practice meets contractual and legal obligations.
Jeremy Hutchinson
General Manager, UI
Business Strategist, Technical Support, Provisioning. Jeremy oversees the operations of Unlimited Internet, HD Group’s broadband service. He monitors industry trends and government policies. He manages business objectives and measures results. Jeremy also maintains budgets, allocates resources and reviews progress. He also provides technical support, liaises with partner companies and trains and mentors staff.
Regina Lamositele
Technical Support Analyst
Customer service, Troubleshooting, Account Management. Regina provides support to HD Group’s Unlimited Internet and VOIP subscribers. She helps resolve customer issues and maintains broadband and telecom services for clients. She also handles the provisioning for broadband services, liaises with service providers and helps with administration and record keeping.
Jeffrey Enriquez
Technical Support Analyst
Broadband Support and Provisioning, Troubleshooting, Account Auditing. Jeff provides remote support to the HD Group’s Unlimited Internet customers. He monitors and analyses customer requests and complaints and handles new broadband connections. He also provides advice, guidance and expertise to customers. Jeff also compiles reports and best practice procedures to improve services.
Alasdair Cargo
Support & Logistics
Customer service, Troubleshooting, Account Management. Alasdair provides remote support to the HD Group’s Unlimited Internet customers. He also handles ADSL2+, VDSL2, VOIP and UFB/Fibre services. Alasdair oversees order provisioning, new connections, address changes, transitions and helps with troubleshooting. He also monitors customer accounts and updates records.


William Cheong
Finanacial Advisor
Risk Analyst, Investment Adviser, Business Strategist. William has over 15 years’ experience in commercial banking, liquidity risk, treasury and debt capital markets. He has been a commercial banker with BNZ and financial risk manager with KPMG New Zealand. William is the founder of Rede Business, a firm that helps guides and advises businesses.
Jess Horsburgh
HR Advisor/Markeing Manager, UI
Staffing, HR Policies, Performance Evaluation. Jessie leads the organisation’s strategic people management programme. She specialises in sourcing talent for ICO projects and other aspects of the business. Jessie is also the Marketing Manager for Unlimited Internet, HD Group’s Broadband service.
Shailen Vandeyar
Strategy and Investor Relations advisor
Marketing, Community Management, Ecommerce. Shailen develops and manages HD Group’s investor relations programme. He is responsible for robust and timely communication with investors and supports the production of marketing materials. He also participates in marketing due diligence meetings with investors and consultants. Shailen has a background in digital marketing and extensive experience in building relationship networks.


When will the token sale commence?

The presale will launch on 20 March 2018. You can subscribe to receive alerts for each phase of the ICO.

Which blockchain will host the HDCoin?

HDCoin will be issued on Ethereum as an ERC-20 compliant token.

With which currencies can I buy HDCoin?

Ethereum and Bitcoin.

What is the price of HDCoin?

Each HDCoin is being offered at a value equivalent to US $0.02.

Which exchanges will list HDCoin?

HDCoin will initially be listed on ICOEx, HD Group's ICO trading platform. Others may be added later.

Are there limits to the amount of HDCoin I can buy?

You can invest in a minimum of 1,000 HDCoin and a maximum of 2,000,000 HDCoin.

When will I receive my tokens?

Within 30 days of the payment confirmation and the successful completion of the KYC and AML process.

Is there a KYC process for this ICO?

Yes. The investor will have to fill an online form providing their details and upload a copy of a government-issued photo ID showing the country of issue, photograph of the investor and other details. In addition to this, the investor will also have to upload a residential address verified utility invoice and a selfie/photograph with the government-issued photo ID.

Is the KYC being done by another company?

We are doing the KYC process in-house. We have staff trained to deal with financial fraud which is not uncommon in the ISP and datacenter industries.

What happens to the unsold tokens?

All unsold tokens will be entrusted to the HDcoin Trust for a period of 24 months and then returned to the two original HD Group shareholders.

How can I use HDCoin after the ICO?

You can trade your HDCoin on ICOEx (scheduled to launch in Q2 2018) or hold it till the buy-back and burn event.

Is HDCoin transferable?

Yes, HDCoin is transferable to third parties after token distribution.

How will the funds from this ICO be used?

The funds will be used to develop ICOEx, HD Group's blockchain-based digital asset exchange. Robotic Accounting, a SaaS accounting platform is also in the pipeline. More..

How will token holders be informed of the buyback?

We will publish the buyback announcement on the HDCoin and ICOEx websites and social media. We will also send out emails to our KYC database. But tokens could have changed hands. Hence, token holders should be on the lookout for such announcements as well.

How will the buyback process work?

The publication of the announcement will precede HD Coin Ltd issuing a buy order to ICOEx to buy HDCoin tokens in the open market. Using dividend funds, it will identify the most liquid market and use a conservative buying strategy in order to maximize the number of HDCoin tokens it can obtain and afterwards burn.

Will the buyback process be an annual event?

HD Group’s financial year ends 31 March each year. 10% of its annual profit will be paid tax franked to HD Coin Ltd who will use these funds to buy back the HDCoin by means of the burn function. Consequently, it will be an annual burn.

How will investors verify the accounting for dividends used for the buyback?

HD Group are required to prepare annual financial statements and return their income to the New Zealand Tax Authority (Inland Revenue Department). The dividend will form part of the income returned to the IRD. Because HD Group’s accounts are not published, they will have them independently audited so that HD Coin Ltd as a minority shareholder knows with certainty that they are true and correct. HDcoin Trust, as the owner of HD Coin Ltd, can appoint the auditor and that auditor can with responsibility certify HD Group’s accounts as being true and correct.


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